Controversial Topics

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Controversial topics are excellent for essays and speeches because of the strong opinions they evoke on both sides. A controversial topic is one that the public does not agree to. It may have some support but is not accepted generally. When you chose to write any of the most controversial topics, you must play the devil's advocate. This would also require that you also become familiar with all other arguments.

Such topics help develop critical thinking skills to allow you to defend your position in the best way. This skill comes into play in several settings such as political discussions, school debates, and public policy forums among others. Developing good critical thinking skills will give you a better chance of engaging the audience and winning their loyalty.

How To Choose Interesting Controversial Topics

The first thing to do while searching for controversial topics to write about is to brainstorm. Start by thinking about five controversial issues that can be used for your debate. Write them down.

After writing them down, the next step would be to narrow this list of controversial topics for teens. One way to do this is to review them following their criteria. Avoid overused topics. brainstorm arguments and if you come up with about three topics instantly, don't use them. Such topics do not create room for you to expand your knowledge.

Also, avoid boring topics. Opt for controversial topics for teenagers that interest you. If you don’t do this, you may be overwhelmed when you start working on it. Ensure that whichever topic you settle for has enough research on the internet. If there are no adequate sources, then you won’t have enough arguments to provide.

Stay away from issues that bear no value to society. Also do not write any topic that is too narrow or even too broad. This predisposes the topic to being generic and this isn’t good for your grades.

After considering all these points, make your choice. Remember to ask yourself what the purpose of the debate is as well as what you want to impart in your audience. Consider the listeners and the type of topic that appeals to them. Also consider their cultural, social and demographic backgrounds.

Our Collection Of Controversial Topics

  1. Residents of a particular country should not be charged for visiting an animal orphanage
  2. Internships boost a scholar's professional competence
  3. Everybody should take charge of the endangered species
  4. Only officially married individuals are permitted to move in together
  5. Members of the king’s household within the United Kingdom should be bestowed with more implied authority
  6. Pictures in motion are more interesting compared to literature
  7. Instructors can be used to demonstrate a concept in class
  8. How social networks affect people's freedom of expression
  9. A person's morality is determined by the society he or she comes from
  10. The advantages and disadvantages of selling snacks in learning premises
  11. Using synthetics as drinks containers ought to be banned
  12. There should be a governmental website accessible to a country's residents
  13. Is it right to inflict capital punishment on vindicated terrorists?
  14. Will those who work for Britain be affected by deploying international trade free from tariffs with European union?
  15. Is human cloning ethical
  16. Severe criminally dislikes among people
  17. Everybody should be in a position to access tertiary education
  18. Collecting kids living in an aggressive environment at home and providing them with a contusive environment to grow.
  19. The expectations of the quality of work delivered by men should equate that of women
  20. The student mortgages
  21. The shared fundamental is it of any worth?
  22. The rules and regulations governing medical related issues
  23. How to make care-homes more conducive
  24. Should a person be punished by death sentences for any cause
  25. There are excessively tight restrictions placed by the transport security administration at airports
  26. Younger people ought to be permitted by the law to take liquor.
  27. How old should a teenager be to be permitted to own a driving license
  28. The use of animals for research should be abolished
  29. Permitting marriages between people of the same sex
  30. The increased cost from the imposed taxes
  31. Regulations of the first reformation rights from a freedom of expression point of view.
  32. The use of power to regulate the press denies people their right to information.
  33. Movement across country borders can hardly be done legally
  34. People have adopted the use of 'being mentally handicapped' to get away with crimes
  35. No students should be permitted to have a gun in a learning institution
  36. The penalty of sexual abuse should be made tougher
  37. The restrictions for the use of tobacco
  38. Lack of integrity among the constabulary
  39. Notifying for sexual abuse
  40. The regulations against partiality
  41. The restrictions for pornography among children should be tighter
  42. The jail conditions greatly influence the crimes done by a person after leaving the premieres
  43. Registration for donating body organs
  44. All people should be checked for drugs before they engage in professional athletics
  45. The regulations for the use of safety belts on vehicles and helmets
  46. Judging by a jury should be banned
  47. The people who adopt children should give the children's real parents to be in touch with their children.
  48. The donors should be responsible of distributing the grants
  49. The punishment given to individuals who mistreat animals should be tougher
  50. The conditions set in place to conduct a legal search should be done away with
  51. Should it be compulsory to castrate pets
  52. Disciplining by slapping
  53. Open documentation of the adoptions
  54. The strategies employed by most prisons
  55. Restrictions for family planning and its availability
  56. There ought to be a platform through which individuals can access their own health records
  57. Mitigation of health-related misconduct
  58. The minimum salary and how it affects employment