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A debate is a formal discussion or argument about a particular topic, wherein two sides put forward opposing views. Each side is given a specific time to speak against or for their chosen topic. In a debate, students talk about their points that are backed by academic sources and facts.

The writer tries to convince their audience by their argument. A lot of students have debates in high school. Debates enhance speaking skills by teaching how to properly present and clearly compose an argument. These skills help you later on in your life, including your job presentation and college admissions interview.

How To Choose The Best Debate Topic?

Choosing a debate topic is not as hard as it seems. Though, it is one of the most vital parts of debating. You can choose any debate topics for high school that you like or think your classmates and audience will find interesting.

If you choose a topic that interests you, then you can present a more exciting and vivacious debate. A good topic for your debate should enable the audience as well as the participants to learn about two different sides of a topic.

In order to choose a good debate topic, you must do as follow:

  1. First of all, you must choose your preferred category, such as political ideas, ethics, scientific arguments, etc.
  2. Then, you must select the subject of your debate paper. You can pick from a wide range of hot and classic debate topics for middle school on TopicsBase and score good grades.
  3. There are also current debate topics on Topics Base that can inspire you to get your very own debate topic.

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  1. Everyone ought to have a gun
  2. Capital punishment ought to be abolished
  3. People ought to be allowed to make their own copies
  4. The substance abuse ought to be permitted
  5. The use of animals for experimentation ought to be prohibited
  6. All secondary school students who participate in sports ought to be examined for drugs
  7. People should not be kept under custody
  8. Students ought to be free from paying the money lend to them while studying
  9. Distance learning is more preferable compared to the normal learning method
  10. The learning institutions ought to be guarded by security personnel with efficient weapons
  11. Religious studies ought to be added to the school curriculum
  12. All persons ought to have his or her genome
  13. We ought to use tech to learn more about planets other than the earth and inhabit them
  14. The authority ought to consider other {incomplete source information}
  15. Vamping ought to be abolished
  16. People should not be allowed in learning institutions
  17. It should be mandatory to be vaccinated for all people
  18. Junks foods should not be permitted in learning institutions
  19. Ladies ought to be persuaded to take scientific, engineering and mathematical courses
  20. Distance learning is more preferable as compare to the normal learning method
  21. Could it be right to regard the undocumented foreigners as the lawbreakers?
  22. The united nations ought to have a military group acquainted with it
  23. How old should one be to legally participate in elections?
  24. Is it possible that the feminist movement has lost its significance
  25. Should graffiti be given as much value as painting?
  26. Should privacy be protected by the government?
  27. Does agriculture rely on organic farming?
  28. Should we still uphold the Paris Agreement?
  29. Is it right for a person to change his genome
  30. There ought to be robot rights
  31. Are parents to blame for child obesity?
  32. National exams ought to be banned
  33. Everyone ought to abstain from taking animal products
  34. Are democratic governments more favorable?
  35. Could it be right to punish people who don’t participate in elections
  36. Is it right to let tutors be in contact with their students on social networks?
  37. Is it right to permit prayers to be made in public?
  38. What ought the age of balloting, driving, and taking liquor be?
  39. Could it be right to build a boundary wall for the United States and Mexico?