Conversation Topics

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A conversation is a form of communication that involves the exchange of ideas between two or more people. For a conversation to be successful, it has to be interactive. This is why choosing good conversation topics is important as both parties need to be fully interested in what is being discussed. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to come up with interesting conversation topics, especially when you're trying to talk to someone for the first time and you're a little shy.

Below is a list of topics on Topics Base that are excellent for starting conversations.

  1. Supposing you would participate in a circus, which role would you act?
  2. Assuming someone offered you 20 dollars, what would you purchase?
  3. Would you prefer to become popular if you had an opportunity to be? State your reasons
  4. State a renowned personality you adore
  5. What milestones will you have covered in five years?
  6. Discuss the decision you ever made under the most uncertain circumstances
  7. Describe the perfect lifestyle you desire
  8. Describe what makes you nervous
  9. Describe the actions that couples use to demonstrate their love to each other
  10. Describe what encourages you to move on with life the most
  11. Describe the most convincing statement you have employed or heard before
  12. Describe sobriquets people use to refer to you if any
  13. Describe your preference between being unseen or having x-ray sight
  14. Describe the most precious thing that you could save in case you had an opportunity to only save a single item from house fire
  15. Describe the house task you dislike doing most
  16. Describe your first childhood activity you recall
  17. Describe the person you appreciate the most and state the reasons
  18. Describe the duration you have served at your present job
  19. Describe the most exciting project you have been a part of
  20. Describe your most adorable person
  21. Confess whether you have ever taken someone's belongings illegally
  22. Describe how you manage stress
  23. Describe the recent comedy video you watched
  24. Describe your opinion on tattoos and whether you have some yourself
  25. Describe whether you possess any pets and their names
  26. Describe the recent experience of a situation that you put a lot of efforts in
  27. Describe the oldest friend you have and your meeting place
  28. Describe your preference for a pet if you had an opportunity to choose any animal
  29. Would you describe yourself as very organized
  30. Describe a contentious opinion that you hold
  31. Describe the person who brightens your life the most
  32. Describe your plans for this weekend
  33. Describe an action that is unique to you
  34. Describe the most brainy activity you engage in on your free time
  35. Describe if you would go for a sponsored trip to mars with no option to return back to earth

Conversation In Education

Conversation in education encourages students to implement instructional dialog. Instead of the teacher to do all the talking in the classroom, he or she should make the teaching process interactive. Students should be free to contribute to class discussions and teachers should make the environment conducive for student participation. Developing conversational skills is vital in the process of socialization not just in school but in the real world. From building relationships with friends and family to communicating fluently in the workplace, these skills will be useful.

In the classroom, teachers need to suggest unique conversation topics that will help them figure out what the students are thinking. This is vital because it allows them to know the most efficient ways to teach the students. A boy can learn good conversation topics with a girl from the classroom and a girl can come up with great conversation topics as well. One good way teachers can teach students how to communicate properly is by showing them good conversational topics and how to keep a conversation going.

How To Keep Conversation Going?

The best way to keep a conversation going is to pick interesting topics that the other person will be interested in discussing as well. Looking for common ground is a good way to do this. For example, if you are trying to talk to a student while you're in school, you should bring up a topic related to something that happened on the school grounds. Try not to bring up embarrassing topics so that the person you're trying to talk to doesn't feel uncomfortable. If you're going to ask a question at the beginning of the conversation, you should ask open-ended questions to keep the conversation going. If there is an awkward silence, you can break the silence by saying something funny. If you find out that the conversation is forced, it means the person isn't interested and you should stop. You can try again with someone else some other time. After all, practice makes perfect.