Short Story Ideas

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Is choosing a good short story topic a challenge? Well, most students often get themselves in this position – staring at a blank computer screen wondering where to start. However, that is the reason why TopicsBase was started. We can help you to quickly identify the best short story ideas.

What is a Short Story?

The first step to identifying the right topic is to understand the short story definition. This is a short piece of fictional text that is not as long as a book/novel but is longer than a fable. In a short story, the characters are fewer and often focus on a single theme. Therefore, creating a short story should be pretty simple.

How to choose a good short story topic

When you are faced with most writing assignments, the biggest challenge is identifying the topic to work on. If you are working on a short story, the first step should be checking with Topics Base for a title. The site has awesome topic suggestions that you can use for writing a short story that spackles. Here are other tips you can use to come up with great topics:

  • Work with your tutor to identify the best topics. In many cases, teachers usually provide their students with suggestions on what to work on. Note that the suggestions are rarely direct. Instead, they are simply hints on the areas to focus on when selecting a topic.
  • Brainstorm the topics in teams. You can think of many ideas for writing a short story when working alone. But the combinations will be endless when you look at the issue as a team. Your ideas will be enriched by colleagues to make them more appealing.
  • Read the best short story collections. This will give you an idea of the type of the topics that pro writers craft. You will also be able to borrow some tactics for writing great short stories.
  • Using winning short story examples, you can easily tell the more appealing categories. Then, pick an idea from these categories.

With a great topic for your short essay, it is time to get down to writing that enthralling short story. Well, make it sparkle in every way!

  1. An orphaned wunderkind
  2. A girl who is haunted by a spirit
  3. A girl who is left in deep pain after breaking up with the boyfriend
  4. A gifted young man who can't exploit his potential because he is gripped by some fear
  5. A less fortunate child who coincidentally meets their luck
  6. The bashful girl who eventually meets her true love
  7. The discovery of a flower with a life-threatening odor to humans
  8. A strange person you met
  9. A lizard that abides in the house of a certain person
  10. An uncivilized settlement that has existed for ages and none of the residents have ever come to the light of civilization until someone from an urban settlement visits the place
  11. Use a mouse point of view to come up with a story
  12. Write a story on the worst deception you've made in your life
  13. Write a narrative of something that commences in a room made of windowpanes
  14. A young lady who plans to cause a scandal by intentionally leaving a package of bombs in a cafe
  15. Write about two characters who are great antagonists and they both live in the same highly populated city
  16. Life existing on a different planet other than the Earth which has a population as much as a third of the Earth's
  17. Write a story of a seat that is in an aged wretched porch
  18. A young woman strolling down the middle of the road
  19. Compose a story about fruits dropping off the skies
  20. Write a story concerning the annoying high peached notice made by a bird every morning at the slightly broken window
  21. Write about three girls and the missing stick
  22. Compose a story beginning with “the mess she threw herself in didn't meet her by surprise"
  23. A chilly house located at the very center of a densely populated city
  24. How two birds are actively involved in a burglary?
  25. A story of how it feels to be immersed in jell
  26. Write about a tutor and a child aged two hundred and seventeen year
  27. Start a story at a point where the scent of salt in a free rein
  28. Compose a story based on the fleshy plant that dies while standing on a wall
  29. Let your story start like this "I must dig deep to know where I made a mistake"
  30. Write of a man or woman that finds himself forgetting someone daily and not necessarily one particular person
  31. Write a story of a person who only wants to know how to construct a house and nothing more
  32. The orphaned child who can hear whispering sounds
  33. In your story site a fish banger together with lemon from a bad tree
  34. Start a story with the words "she still felt that there was a lot she would have left undone"
  35. Write a story of a parcel of desiccated fruits
  36. Give a narrative of dull wall hangings in a very bright room
  37. Write about a guitar encrypted with a peculiar signatory
  38. Write a story that features bananas citing their significance to the upcoming generations
  39. A story about an unexpected journey of lifetime
  40. Write a story of a poisoned delicious-looking dish